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Keeping safe on the internet – advice from Waytime

May 13, 2017 in Blog by Liz Turner  |  Comments Off on Keeping safe on the internet – advice from Waytime

You will have seen all the publicity about the cyber-attack in the NHS.  So this seems like the ideal time to remind everyone about how to avoid getting your computer infected with ransomware.

As a reminder, ransomware is a particularly nasty type of software which can encrypt the files on your computer and then demand money for everything to be unencrypted.  You may think that your computer is protected because you have antivirus software running.  But please be aware that as this is technically not classified as a virus, it is a very real threat and your computer is not 100% protected.

Please follow these guidelines to minimise the risks:

  • Do not open an attachment or click on a link from an unknown source or if it looks suspicious in any way.  This is not only for your work account but just as important if you use personal email accounts at work such as Hotmail or Gmail.  Don’t be fooled by an email from “HMRC” telling you that you’re getting tax rebate. Equally, don’t fall for the Amazon password change or a failed delivery from a courier
  • If you keep important data on you PC, make sure it is backed up and do not leave the backup disk permanently attached to the computer (if your PC gets infected, it will infect your backup too)
  • Be vigilant when you are browsing the internet – do not click on random links and don’t install anything if you are even slightly unsure of its legitimacy
  • If you open a Word or Excel attachment and you’re asked to enable or run a macro, please select No.
  • Make sure your computer is up to date with all the latest patches from Microsoft or Apple
  • Your work computer will have up to date antivirus software but make sure your home computers are protected too

If your computer gets any kind of encryption virus such as Cryptolocker, you will get a notification saying that your files can be unencrypted if you pay a certain amount.  Turn off your computer immediately – press the power button for 5 seconds until it is off.  Do not go to Start and Shutdown as you would normally.  This is to try to minimise the impact of the infection as it will encrypt anything your computer is connected to – including servers.  Once your computer is switched off, contact us immediately on 01372 940291.

If you have any queries then please contact us on 01372 940291 or email us at support@waytime.co.uk

Liz and the Waytime team

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