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What is an Internet Usage Policy and do you need one?

April 18, 2017 in Blog by Liz Turner  |  Comments Off on What is an Internet Usage Policy and do you need one?

As soon as you employ your first member of staff, it makes sense to have an Internet Usage Policy. This policy will detail the appropriate use of company equipment, network and Internet access. You may think that the contents of the policy go without saying but in our experience, it’s better to say it out loud (and then get each member of staff to sign up to it!).

There are quite a few sample Internet Usage Policies on the internet so I recommend that you use one of those as a template and then personalise it. No point reinventing the wheel. GFI provide a good sample document here

The main points to cover are:

  • Internet access is only allowed to support your job and should be used responsibly
  • You have the right to monitor internet usage
  • Staff should not install any additional software without speaking to their IT team
  • Nobody should download music, movies or illegal software
  • Emails sent in the company’s name should not contain content that is deemed to be offensive
  • Business equipment should not be used to access personal emails or work associated with any other business

Once you’ve finalised the policy then ask current members of staff to read and sign it.  Then add it to the procedures for new starters.

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