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What happens when you move to Waytime?

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We can understand why even the thought of moving to a different supplier gives you a headache.  So we’ll try to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. We’ll visit you to find out more about your business.  The primary objective of the meeting is to understand what you do and what your priorities are.   The second objective is to find out a bit more about the systems you use and what you think of them.  For example, you may have the ability for certain members of staff to work from home but actually this doesn’t really work very well as it’s so slow.  We’d also like to take a quick look at your server(s) and see how your internet connection is setup.  This will just be a visual check so we won’t need to login to anything.  We’ll also find out about anything else that your support company looks after, such as your domain name, phone lines and internet connection (perhaps they just send you a monthly invoice which includes everything).  Moving these to a different supplier will need to be managed properly to ensure that there is no disruption to the business.  By the way, there’s no need for us to take over everything that the previous company did – you may well prefer to manage these things yourself.
  2. We’ll go back to our office and put a proposal together.  This will include a summary of how your business works (just to make sure we fully understand it) as well as some recommended support options.  We don’t have set Gold, Silver and Bronze packages so it’s not a case of fitting your business around our support offerings.  We’ll also list all the information we’ll need from your current support provider in order to take over your support (such as passwords etc)
  3. Once you’ve had a chance to go through our proposal, we can have another chat to make sure you’re happy with everything.  If you are, then we’ll arrange a date to visit your office to run a full IT audit so we know exactly what we’ll be supporting.  If you’d prefer, we can do this without you having to notify your current support company (although we will probably need an admin password).  Sometimes it’s useful to do this so we can find out about all the “unknowns”!
  4. We’ll document all the audit information so everyone at Waytime knows about your network.  We’ll also run through your requirements with the team in one of our weekly meetings.  All your members of staff will be added to our helpdesk to ensure that their support calls can be raised and managed.
  5. If there are any areas of concern that come out of the audit then we’ll work with you to find out the best way to resolve them.  We can talk to existing suppliers on your behalf if you’d prefer.
  6. From this point onwards then we’ll provide IT support for your business.  Depending on your requirements, we can arrange regular meetings with your account manager just to make sure that we’re exceeding your expectations.

So as long as the process is managed efficiently then there is no reason why you have to put up with poor service from your IT support company.  If you’d like to arrange a chat about whether we could help your business then please give us a call or send an email to liz.turner@waytime.co.uk.  If you’re not reassured that we can help you after our first meeting then there’s obviously no obligation to continue.

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