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What’s different about us?

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A lot of small businesses think that with IT support companies, it’s a case of better the devil you know. They’ve used a support provider for a few years and although it’s not great, the prospect of moving to another company is just too daunting. Anyway, if the system is sort of up and running then why change? And surely, if you change support companies then surely the whole system will collapse? Here are just a few common complaints we’ve heard about other support companies:

  • Sometimes I call our IT people and leave a message and there’s no response. Did they get the message? Are they working on the problem? Is there any chance they’ll even look in to the problem or call me back? Who knows?! Meanwhile, I’m sitting at my desk and not able to get my work done.
  • The IT consultant visited us and blinded us with science about why we should install this great new software. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and he was very nice so we agreed (although it was quite expensive). Once it was all installed we realised that it didn’t actually do what we want it to do. We called the IT consultant and when he eventually got back to us he said that we’d need to buy an extra module to get the application to do what we want. We were already over budget and now we need to spend even more (otherwise the whole project will be a waste of time and money).
  • Someone from the IT company came in to install a new email server as the latest version of Microsoft Office won’t work with our Small Business Server 2003. Anyway, it was all planned to take place over a weekend but when we came in on Monday, we didn’t have access to our old emails and there were no incoming messages. We weren’t fully up and running on the new system until the Wednesday and I hate to think how much money we lost.
  • We had an invoice from our IT support company and I’ve no idea what all the various things listed mean. All I know is that the monthly fee goes up every month and it’s playing havoc with any attempts to plan a budget
  • I can’t be sure that our backups are working. I change the tape every day and take it home but sometimes I wonder whether there’s any data actually on the tapes!
  • Our current support company manages our internet connection and domain name as well as our IT support. I’m scared that if we move away from them then we’ll lose everything and that could ruin our business.

But at Waytime, we’re different.  We call you back when you leave a message, we won’t overly-complicate everything with techie jargon, we’ll be clear and upfront with our invoices and we’ll test your backups.  Most importantly, we’ll work with you to ensure the transition from your current IT support provider is as smooth as possible with minimal (if any) disruption to your business.  Contact us today on 01372 940290 to find out more or email hello@waytime.co.uk

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