Awards Intelligence

Awards Intelligence is a business that helps people get the recognition they deserve, whether that’s a business award, Queen’s honour or public appointment. They’re based in Burgess Hill in West Sussex but have a lot of remote workers.

Their email system was very basic so couldn’t offer features such as mailbox synchronising to multiple devices, shared address books, shared calendars or easy access to other mailboxes.  They decided that Office 365 would offer them everyone they needed for a more 21st century email system but needed a little help with the transition to the new system.

Our mission

Migrate to the new email system ensuring:

  • No loss of any historic emails
  • No loss of contacts and calendar entries
  • Messages going missing in the transition process

Most companies now rely so heavily on emails that we struggle to be without them for 5 minutes.  So it pays to get some help if you’re in anyway unsure how to proceed.

What we did

We’ve done numerous migrations to Office 365 but this was the first one we completed where we didn’t visit the office once.  Everything was done remotely.  Once all the background work had been completed (all the techie stuff about creating mailboxes and getting the domain ready), we worked with their office manager to schedule an appointment for each member of staff.  During this time we:

  • Remotely connected to their PC or Mac
  • Connected to the new mailbox
  • Imported all the data from their old mailbox

The time taken to do each computer varied depending on the size of the mailbox.  But over the course of the migration weekend, we moved the whole business on to the new system.

The result

A happy client!  Now they can take advantage of all the feature they were missing for so long!

Final word: April Sankey, Awards Intelligence