Motion is a leading transport planning consultancy with offices in Guildford, London and Reading.  The business was rapidly outgrowing its headquarters in Guildford so a new larger leased office was found on North Street, Guildford.

Our mission

Tto move more than 20 staff from their High Street office to the new one:

  • No downtime during working hours
  • Everyone goes home on the Friday evening at the usual time
  • Everyone arrives in the new office on the Monday morning to carry on as normal

What we did

As the new office needed to be totally refurbished, a fair amount of project management was required – working with the interior designers and other suppliers.

Due to some lengthy lead times, we had to ensure that all the orders for the phone lines and internet connections were placed early enough.  In fact, with all the office moves that we organise, the telecoms orders are the ones we place as soon as the lease is signed.  Then it’s just a case of monitoring the orders to make sure they are progressing through the various systems.

Sometimes the basics can be overlooked.  So we worked with the interior designers and cable fitters to ensure the network cabling and power sockets were in the right places and the server room was large enough with suitable air conditioning.  We also needed to bear in mind that the office layout could change as more people join the business – so additional data points were added in areas that wouldn’t have desks from the start, but may well have them in the future.

Prior to the move, we made sure that the networking infrastructure was up and running.  So data points had been patched in and tested – all to reduce the amount of work required for the move weekend.  The internet connection was tested so everything was ready to go!

On the weekend of the move, the Waytime team packed up the IT equipment in the crates ready for the removal company to take them to the new office.  Then it was just a case of unpacking the computers and servers in the new office over the weekend, connecting it all up and then testing everything.  Simple!


Everything up and running in the new office by first thing Monday morning.

Final word: Phil Bell, Motion