Procar is a specialist logistics company based near Heathrow.  As the business was growing, they were becoming more reliant on their IT systems but had concerns that their existing IT support company wasn’t always on-hand to help them out.

Their main problems:

  • Varied response from phone messages or emails to IT support company
  • Concern that the data wasn’t being backed up
  • Lack of advice on IT strategy or keeping safe on the internet
  • What would happen if there was a big problem?

Our mission

Procar had quite a few concerns and outstanding issues so we worked with them to prioritise everything and put a plan of action in place.  It was imperative to ensure we had an excellent working relationship from the start so that they would be reassured that they’re in the right hands.

What we did

The first thing we had to do was to make sure that their backups worked.  We quickly setup our online backup application so the server would happily backup everything in the background – no need to swap tapes or disks.  Our onboarding process meant that we could easily work through a list of standards to make sure that all the basics were covered – full antivirus scanning, everything up to date with Windows updates and full monitoring system installed.  We also added them to our monthly test restore schedule so everyone can be happy that their data is being backed up.


Once the onboarding process was finished, Procar moved on to one of our support contracts which means that we continue to monitor their systems and they contact us in the event of any further queries.

Final word: Kathy Roger, Procar International

“I would just like to say how happy we are with the Services Provided to us by Waytime Technologies. We took the step to outsource our IT Support in September 2016, having invested in hardware and software we were never confident in the IT support we had in place. Having looked on the Internet there were so many Companies ‘out there’ offering IT support I decided to ask a friend Caroline Newitt of The Dyer Partnership who they used for their IT support, it was Caroline that recommended Waytime. Giving access to our accounts and records to a third party company is not a decision to be taken lightly and we felt a recommendation was the way forward for Procar.

Since taking out the contract with Waytime for IT support Procar have never looked back, from trying to resolve all our IT issues ourselves with the help of IT support from a company that was not local and sometimes very difficult to get hold of we now have in place first class support from Waytime Technologies, with their highly experienced, friendly, professional and polite IT support Team. We feel secure that our files are being backed up should data be lost, we have never felt that confident in the past, If we experience any issues with our IT there is always someone on the end of the telephone to assist us, we have had new PCs, laptops and software recommended and installed by Waytime with minimum disruption.

Once Waytime install a new PC, any equipment or software we feel confident that everything will work as it should. Waytime have helped with our telephone system, Auto Enrolment (creating the secure files and keys), we know our Anti-Virus is up to date and our Server is being monitored. Waytime give us confidence and peace of mind with our all-important Data and IT”