Firstly, what is the cloud? The word is thrown around in technical jargon as if everyone should know what it is. Basically, it means that your data or applications are stored on a server (or several servers) in a datacentre somewhere, i.e. not in your office. But you can still use the computers in your office to access everything…as long as you have an internet connection.

If you use OneDrive, Gmail or DropBox then you’re already using the cloud. But what’s the best for your business? Should you move everything to the cloud or just a few services such as file storage or email?

We can advise on the best strategy for your business once we’ve discussed how you like to work. For example, a company with everyone working in a single office will have a different approach to a company that has a large sales force out on the road. But whatever’s decided, we’ll ensure it’s scaleable, cost effective and secure.


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“Since taking out the contract with Waytime for IT support Procar have never looked back. Waytime give us confidence and peace of mind with our all-important Data and IT.”

Kathy Rogers
Procar International Ltd

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