Do you already have an IT support company but need a change?

It can be pretty scary moving to a different IT support partner because some companies make it sound like a dark art.  Is it a case of better the devil you know?  Perhaps you’ve used a support provider for a few years and although they’re not great, the prospect of moving to another company is just too daunting.  Anyway, if the system is sort of up and running then why change? And surely, if you change support companies then there’s a risk that the whole system will collapse?  But if you’re putting up with any of the following then maybe it’s time to move:

  • Nobody gets back to me so I’m not sure if anyone is dealing with my query
  • I never know what they’re talking about. It all sounds like techno-babble
  • One of the technicians visited, started working on something and then just disappeared without finishing
  • I think our files are being backed up but I’m not entirely sure
  • The invoices always seem to arrive at random times and include things I don’t think we’ve bought

At Waytime, we’re different.  We call you back when you leave a message, we won’t overly-complicate everything with techie-jargon, we’ll be clear and upfront with our invoices and we’ll test your backups.  Most importantly, we’ll work with you to ensure the transition from your current IT support provider is as smooth as possible with minimal (if any) disruption to your business.

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“I have always found Waytime’s support service to be of a very good standard and response time is very prompt”

Nicola Sheehan, Financial Controller
FDD International Ltd

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