The heart of Waytime is our helpdesk. This will be your first port of call for all your IT queries.  One call will generate a fuss-free response from a team of dedicated IT professionals.  It’s this approach that makes our clients think of us as part of their organisation.  However, as professionals in our field, we bring a wealth of experience (geeky to some) that ensures support of the highest quality and guaranteed to give you some of the advantages usually only available with much larger companies.

Types of support


When you call our helpdesk, we’ll log a ticket and if it can’t be resolved immediately, we’ll get back to you with a fix. The majority of our clients opt for unlimited remote support but we can provide adhoc support too if you don’t think you’ll be calling us too often and don’t want to pay a monthly fee.


The majority of queries can be solved remotely but sometimes there’s no getting away from a visit!  So for hardware installations and faults, internet connectivity issues or upgrades, it better for us to come out and see you.


This includes unlimited remote support, a set number of days on site every month, full management of all your other IT contracts (such as phones, printers and internet connectivity), out of hours support for your senior staff (or everyone if you’d prefer), account management, online backup for your laptops and …  Also, we recognise that you can only truly concentrate on running your business if your family is happy.  So we’ll also help out with the computers belonging to the Directors’ immediate families:

  • Online backup for your desktops and laptops. No more lost GCSE coursework
  • Advice on the best kit to buy
  • Sorting out the wireless network at home
Holiday Support

Holiday cover or extra support for your in-house IT staff.  We can help out when your IT technician is on holiday, too overloaded or just needs to bounce some ideas around.


We’re friendly and available to chat. Reach out to us anytime and we’ll happily answer your questions.

“I have always found Waytime’s support service to be of a very good standard and response time is very prompt”

Nicola Sheehan, Financial Controller
FDD International Ltd

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